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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q.  I have changed my computer and can't find my timetables?

    A.  You can 'export' your timetables on the existing (old) installation using the Timetable Editor export facility. Copy the files created to a backup media. This can be a hard drive, USB pen or CD, etc. To use your copies use the 'Import' facility on the new computer and point the file select screen to the location of the files you've saved. Check the help files in the Timetable Editor under 'Export' and 'Import' for more information.

    Q.  I have lost my timetables previously purchased.

    A.  All matters relating to timetable testing and sales were passed over to us at PC-Rail Services from PC-Rail. Please note these are two separate entities. PC-Rail - Cover Simulations : PC-Rail Services - Cover Timetables. Therefore you won't find any timetable downloads (except the free ones in the PC-Rail Group Forum) at PC-Rail.

    If you have purchased direct from us (at PC-Rail Services) since our records began in October 2010 we can simply locate your purchase details and can email you the files direct. Purchases prior to this (from PC-Rail) may be more difficult to trace. However, we have records available to us from PC-Rail which we can use to find your order. In addition, any information such as invoice number, timetable registration codes etc, will also help us to trace this.

    Unfortunately, although we will do the utmost to help, if none of the above can be made and no proof of purchase found we may not be able to assist.

    To avoid these issues please ensure you keep a backup copy of any timetables purchased.

    Q.  I'm unable to import the timetable purchased.

    A. Please check you are running and have registered your version of the appropriate simulation. The menu  [help/registration] should show your details. Please read the install guide (left menus) and ensure you are saving the downloaded file to a non PC-Rail Folder.


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