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Downloading and Installing - Step by Step Guide

    Downloading and Installing Simulations

    The example below shows the procedure for downloading and installing the Norwich simulation. The instructions will be applicable to any of the PC-Rail simulations, but will require the selecting of the appropriate download button and have a different file name.
    Step 1.
    Firstly locate the location on the PC-Rail web site where the file can be downloaded from. There are various locations depending on whether you require the Modern,  Heritage or Special Series. Norwich can be found under "Modern". Scroll down the page until you find the details for Norwich as shown below.


    Step 2.   To download the file simply click on the "Download" button next to the details and save the file to a suitable directory e.g, downloads.  Select "Save" to start the download. The file name is shown as "Norwich5.exe".



    Step 3.  Once downloaded, locate the file using "My Computer" and simply run the file, i.e, double click the mouse or right click on the file and select 'run'. Follow the on screen prompts, selecting Next between each of the stages then Next to finish the installation process.

    Running the Simulations

    To run your new simulation use the normal procedure using the windows Start, Programs, PC-Rail simulations, and in this case Norwich. To try other locations, simply download and install the appropriate file from the products listing on the web site.

    Please note the software is supplied free for evaluation purposes and is limited to the time it will run and has some feature locked out. To enable the full unrestricted version you will need to purchase the appropriate registration codes from our on-line shop.


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